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Meet the team
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Mrs. Bell
Team Leader
  Mrs. Day


Personal, Social, Health & Careers Education.
Delivered to all pupils through Wellbeing, Extended Learning Days and Assemblies.


The key themes of our PSHCE curriculum are:

  • Sex and relationships education (puberty, physical and emotional changes; contraception; sexually transmitted diseases; sexuality)
  • Drug education including alcohol and tobacco
  • Mental & Emotional health and well-being awareness
  • Personal safety (including e-safety practices)
  • Healthy eating and healthy lifestyles
  • Banking and money management
  • Careers guidance and support
  • Personal identity and cultural diversity
  • Tackling all forms of bullying, prejudice and discrimination
  • British Values & the role of the legal and parliamentary system in the UK today
  • Global Citizenship


Through providing information and guidance in the following areas, we seek to broaden the horizons of our students to ensure they;

  • Enjoy safe, healthy, responsible and fulfilled lives
  • Recognize and manage risks, taking increasing responsibility for themselves, their choices and behaviour
  • Access appropriate levels of support and guidance in school and the Community
  • Make positive contributions to their families, schools and wider communities
  • Develop a positive self-image and celebrate their personal achievements, skills and qualities
  • Explore a range of social and moral dilemmas, learn how to deal with challenges and clarify their own values and attitudes
  • Identify and articulate their emotions and feelings and learn how to manage new and difficult situations positively
  • Learn how to develop and maintain effective relationships with a wide range of people and in a range of social, economic and cultural contexts
  • Are equipped with the knowledge, skills and attributes to make the most of the changing opportunities in learning and work
  • Learn how to manage their money and finances effectively


Many external visitors also contribute significantly to the coverage of the curriculum. A few examples include; touring theatre companies, local business experts, School nurse services, Community Police Officers, Safe-Date, Counsellors, Banking staff, Careers Advisor, Red Cross training.