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The Church of England, through the Diocese of Salisbury, brings distinctiveness to learning in Sarum Academy. The tradition of the Church of England in bringing education to all is a particular strength. This is allied to a profound belief in the uniqueness of each person.

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This belief will ensure that every member of the learning community, whether of developing faith or of none, will be seen and treated as being special and having gifts and skills that must be identified, nurtured and deployed for the benefit of themselves and of their fellow humans.

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    Governing Body
Mr David Middleton
Vice Chair
Mr Neil Boulton
Mr Jonathan Curtis
Parent Governor
Mr Richard Millidge
Revd Maggie Guillebaud
Mr Graham Maundrell
Mr Bruce Burley
Julia Hastings
Mr Mike Oldham
Mr Alex Hartley
Staff Governor
Miss Jenna Burrow
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    Senior Leadership Team
Mr J. Curtis
Deputy Headteacher
Mrs J. Moore

Director of Business and Finance

Ms D. Higgins

Director of Learning Needs

Mrs K. Milford 

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